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Viewing any part of our website promptly binds you to our terms and conditions. You, therefore, agree to all the terms and conditions listed below.

For Your Own Use Only

Our articles here on ookworld.com are for your own use only. They cannot be used commercially. We write to entertain you with our thoughts and opinions. Whether you take our articles seriously, that’s up to you.

Our terms and conditions also state that you are not allowed to share, post, and copy any of our articles. Reproducing any of them is strictly not allowed. Even if you ask our permission, we will not allow you to share, post, and copy our articles. The most you can do is use a portion of it and curate it. But there’s no way we will allow you to copy any of our articles on other websites.

A Non Profit Website

Our website is not compensated for featuring any products or companies. If we feature any product or company, it’s because we have our own personal views on it and we want to share them with you.

If ever we are compensated in the future, we will inform you here. But at the moment, ookworld.com is a non-profit website.

Sending Your Messages And Comments

You are welcome to send us a message or a comment. For your messages, you can use the Contact Form you will find on our website. For your comments, you post them directly.

In sending us messages and posting comments, you agree to share your personal information such as name, email address, IP address, and domain (if applicable).

You also agree to write your comments and messages in a manner that is most appropriate for everybody. We will not allow messages and comments that humiliate or degrade other people. Those are definitely NOT the kind of topics we want to discuss here.

We want to entertain and inform you with the stuff we find interesting. There’s just no way we find inappropriate behavior interesting. If you enjoy posting comments and writing messages that offend other people, then our website is not for you.

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