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ookw“So what’s the deal here? What’s this site about?”

What’s our philosophy? OOK seeks to avoid an approach of judgmental good/bad. Art (or anti-art) in any medium is not good or bad. It simply is what it is and we have our individual, subjective experiences when exposed to it. OOK hopes to examine said experiences in an honestly subjective, open-minded, inquisitive manner — using our personal viewpoints to find a unique and original perspective on the matter at hand.

Subject matter could be almost any sort of technology, pop-culture, or unpopular-culture detritus from the past or present (or future, if possible). Besides the usual suspects (technology, music, movies, TV, art, books, magazines, kustom kars, etc.), it could also be more invisible subjects: fads, styles, functional arts that hide in plain sight, defunct genres in any medium, obscure knick-knacks — you know, just about anything! Especially if it has fallen through the cracks and off the radar screen. Conversely, we shouldn’t dismiss a subject just because it’s well known, if we can find a new way of looking at it.

In short, we want to have fun writing about stuff we dig — and try to do so with open hearts and minds.

Jake The Technologist

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